The Evolution Of Live Online Casino Gaming

The Evolution Of Live Online Casino Gaming

What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear live online casino? Gambling? People crying over losing their money?

Gone are those days when this game was limited only for betting or for professionals.

If you just Google poker now, you would come across different events, world tournaments, basically app promotions etc.

So basically, Poker can be described as a Card game, which needs gambling skill, strategy and some daring. Maybe not the last one but most of it. It involves betting too but it totally depends on the event or the players playing it.

This game was initially started in 19th Century in the USA and at the beginning of 20th Century, it got bloomed up worldwide. Poker was initially played in a bar or any house parties with friends, family or just acquaintances. But now as technology has evolved, people are now playing this globally.

Yes! You heard that right. Poker is now one of the widely Global Played Games across any platform.  There are lots of professional Competitive event that do happen and which involves some serious amount of money.

So, hey if you think you have a good hand at gambling or you are very good at strategy stuff, you can try this out but at your own risk, as you don’t want to lose something which is called money.

The technological evolution of casino

As technology has evolved as well as gaming platforms worldwide, it has evidently been the evolution of the casino games too transforming it to live online casino If you just download any poker game available in any platform be it android or ios, in less than a day you would have at least 10 to 12 friend worldwide whom you would be playing this.

In a certain way, you can say this is addictive but, isn’t every cool thing is?

Apart from just playing it for fun, some have made this as there career. Why?

The 2006 main event in poker was won by Jamie gold and the amount which he took home was US$12 million.

That says it all, as this involves some serious money if you consider it as an earning source. But you play for small amounts too in different apps which are available online.

Now some consider it as having a bad effect on the young generation, as this was the sole reason for so many bankrupted men in the past days. But it’s just a game as if you are playing rummy? Or snakes and ladders? Well not that simple but it sure is harmless. Until the player decides to give it all.

So, if you do think that you have a skill or never have had played poker before then do give it a try and absolutely go for it. Show your card skills worldwide. Who knows you could be the next Phil Ivey ($100 million).

And as I have earlier mentioned, nothing is good or bad.

And this article doesn’t encourage any kind of gambling, it just an overview of how poker has emerged in these years. So it’s not the game, it’s the player who plays it.


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